Professional Administrators

InsurCard’s MSA Program for Self- Administration provides opportunities for Professional Administrators to expand their portfolios. 

90+% of Claimants Prefer Self-Administration

Consider the Opportunities:

Attracts prospects who will only consider Self-Administration

Gives you a source for Repricing Medical and Pharmacy Services

Provides Banking Protections

  • Technology enables tracking of account balance and transactions
  • FDIC Insured Account
  • Purchases made on the card instantaneously check account balance
  • Real-time fund balance available to injured party

Fewer Customer Service Calls

InsurCard MSA
Programs Provide
Benefits to Injured Parties


Tracks Expenses for Reporting to CMS so your Claimant Never has to.


Send Email Notice of CMS Reporting Dates.


Prepares Annual Attestation Report for Review.


Ensures your Claimant is Compliant.

Discounted Pricing

InsurCard’s Pharmacy Program Rivals Insurance Company discounts. Workers Comp Pricing is Negotiated for Hospital and Doctor’s Bills.